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Arlington criminal lawyer, Roger Haynes
Don’t compromise. Hire the best Arlington criminal lawyer you can get.

-More than 14 years Experience in Criminal Law
-Former Felony Trial Prosecutor
-Dedicated to Criminal Defense
-Aggressive, Very Respected Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney

Call (214) 526-3300 or (972) 649-6490 and speak to Roger personally and confidentially about your case today.

State and Federal criminal defense representation for Arlington, Texas residents.
If you’ve been accused of, are under investigation for, or have been charged with or indicted for any of the following types of criminal cases, you should not put
off calling our office immediately. Opportunities to win a case are lost by waiting.

criminal defense ArlingtonMisdemeanor Crimes

Felony Crimes
Probation/Parole Violations
Federal Court Cases
Juvenile Crimes
Drug Cases
Expunction of Records
Non-Disclosure of Records

Arlington Criminal Defense Attorney Roger Haynes has been providing excellent service to each and every client since 2000. We get the results our clients want and need.

When you don’t know who to turn to, call Roger Haynes, an experienced criminal defense lawyer serving Arlington, Texas residents. He takes the time to listen, and to explain how the system works and how your options can best be utilized to accomplish the best possible outcome. When your life and liberty are on the line, don’t take a chance on an inexperienced Arlington criminal lawyer. Rogers brings the experience of a veteran trial attorney to the table when fighting for you.

Call Roger Today at (214) 526-3300 or (972) 649-6490 to speak personally and confidentially about your situation.

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Dear Mr. Haynes,
Thank you so much for representing me. I just want you to know how happy I am for your work on my case. Again, thank you so, so much!!!!!


Mr. Haynes truly cares. He kept my family and I informed all the way through my case, even when I was in jail. He knew my Judge and worked to give us ample time to prepare for my trial. And when that day finally arrived, he was well prepared and coordinated everything perfectly. He was part of God's plan for my priceless freedom and changed life, to this very day. He is not only a good lawyer, but a good man.

Thank you Mr. Haynes,

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Roger E. Haynes Attorney at Law is a BBB Accredited Lawyer in Dallas, TX

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