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Juvenile cases require special time and care primarily because our children are most important to us. Also the Juvenile system is much different than the adult system. There are very special guidelines that are in place because our children must be protected. These cases move much faster than adult cases and require more court appearances. There are more people involved and more information is gathered. All of this takes time and experience and the patience of a caring Dallas juvenile defense attorney.

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Dear Mr. Haynes,
Thank you so much for representing me. I just want you to know how happy I am for your work on my case. Again, thank you so, so much!!!!!


Mr. Haynes truly cares. He kept my family and I informed all the way through my case, even when I was in jail. He knew my Judge and worked to give us ample time to prepare for my trial. And when that day finally arrived, he was well prepared and coordinated everything perfectly. He was part of God's plan for my priceless freedom and changed life, to this very day. He is not only a good lawyer, but a good man.

Thank you Mr. Haynes,

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