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Probation and Parole Violations are very common. There are many people walking around today “on paper.” It is very important if you are on probation or parole to comply with ALL the conditions, but with today’s busy life sometimes that can be hard.

When the officer who is supervising you believes that you are in violation of those conditions, it is very easy for them to put you in jail. Then you have to fight your way out.

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You can feel helpless but don’t worry. Roger Haynes has over 22 years of experience fighting criminal allegations in the State’s Motion to Revoke/Adjudicate.

There are significant limitations on the choices available when a violation has been filed so call today! Let us try to stop the State from filing a violation at all. The longer you wait the harder it is to negotiate.

In many cases we can fight the allegations or agree to comply with an additional condition and be reinstated and continued on probation/parole. If a drug or alcohol addiction is the source of the problem we may be able to get treatment for the addiction to help the client be able to successfully complete the probation.

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Probation Violations

If you’re searching for this topic then you are likely already on probation. You have conditions that you were given and expected to comply with at some time in the past.  However, since then you may have been having difficulty complying with your conditions of probation.  If your probation officer believes that you violated those conditions in some way then you can be arrested and brought back in front of judge.  This is called a “motion to revoke” or “motion to adjudicate.”  (The difference is that one is for regular probation and one is for deferred probation.)

If it hasn’t happened yet then please call us soon. It is sometimes helpful to talk to the probation officers in the court and try to avoid a motion to revoke probation being filed at all. These are different probation officers than the ones in the field offices that you are reporting to. These officers work for the judge and are the ones who actually type up the warrants and get the judge to sign them. Explanations to these officers can sometimes help keep you out of jail.

If this has already happened to a family member of yours who is now sitting in jail then you are probably in need of an attorney immediately. We can help.

Getting Out on Bond

If you have a Motion to Revoke your probation (you are on regular probation) then the judge can legally deny you a bond and can hold you in jail until a solution can be found to handle the violation.

If you are on Deferred Adjudication probation then you have what is called a Motion to Adjudicate Guilt against you for violating probation. The law says that the judge must set a bond on this type of case. We can help get the bond set if there isn’t one yet but if it already set it may be a pretty high amount.  We can help you try to get it reduced.

Sometimes are things that you can do to try to prove to the judge that you can comply with probation or maybe do some of the things that are alleged as violations.  That is a lot easier to do when you are out on bond.

Your Dallas criminal defense attorney may have told you when you started your probation that going back to jail for a violation was a possibility. What they may not have told you is how easy it can be for a judge to send you to prison over one of these violations.

Burden of Proof

The burden of proof for these violations is not “beyond a reasonable doubt” like it was when you were originally charged with the crime. The burden of proof that the State has to meet when it is accusing you of violating the conditions of probation is “preponderance of the evidence.”

Preponderance of the evidence is a much lower standard of proof than beyond a reasonable doubt. All it means is that the judge must determine whether is “more likely than not” that you violated your probation. That’s all it takes for you to be sent to prison over a violation of your probation. So it’s important to have an attorney with lots of experience handling probation violations representing you when you have to fight a motion to revoke your probation.

You do not have the right to ask for a jury trial this time so you will need an attorney with years of experience at the courthouse who knows the court personnel, the judges and the possible solutions to a multitude of problems that Dallas county will consider in this situation.

Getting Back on Probation . . . or Not . . .

It may seem like the only 2 options are to get reinstated on probation or get revoked and go to jail but it isn’t that simple.  There are a lot of other negotiation options that can be brought to the courts attention to help convince them to reinstate you even if your officer has told you that you are getting revoked.

Strange as it may seem some people decide that they don’t want to be on probation anymore. If you just want to be revoked and not have to answer to anyone anymore then we can help you minimize as best we can the amount of time you will have to serve.

The Law Office of Roger E. Haynes has just the right combination of over 2 decades of experience at the courthouse and knowledge of the process that you can have on your side when you go to court.

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